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Eats, Meats and the Ultimate Hospitality


Morocco is amazing. It’s zesty and vibrant. In fact, at times you won’t remember if you’re in Africa or Europe. The mediterranean influence is incredible. Among the popular destinations in Morocco is the famous Casablanca. Enjoy the most incredible beaches you’ve ever been to, some of the best food there is to offer, and hospitality from some of the warmest people on the planet. Additionally, you can make your way over to Marrakesh and explore the markets. You’ll have the best fresh squeezed orange juice ever, and eat like royalty for a price that will make you wish you had a bigger stomach.


Title: The Riad You’ve Been Missing

Body: Imagine a hotel where your room feels like a home. The windows are open and airy. The walls have designs from ceiling to floor. Even your bathroom has a uniqueness to it that feels out of a catalogue. Morocco has at least 4 of these “hotels” on every block. They’re called riads. They are amazing. Every guest has access to the common area where travelers gather and relish in the communal tranquility. Kick your shoes off, pour yourself some tea and make sure to enjoy every moment you get in your local riad. We like to imagine a world where every hotel can be as cozy and welcoming as the riads in Morocco.

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