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How Many Gelatos is Too Many Gelatos?


Well, if you’re in the double digit scoops a day, you may be crossing the border into “too much” territory. But that’s besides the point. The key to keeping your gelato consumption at a healthy level is to match it with how many activities you’re doing throughout the day. If you walk a few miles before lunch, you can treat yourself to a few scoops of gelato. If you spend the afternoon absorbing the magnificent artistry in one of Italy’s world famous museums, you can bet that you deserve a gelato on the tail end of your afternoon. You can’t have too much gelato in Italy. It’s just not possible. It’s so good, and it’s so far away. Take it in while you can. The record is an average of 11 scoops a day on an Italy trip. It’s probably safe to assume that this is the limit. Stay below 11 scoops of gelato a day, and you’ll be coming out on top.

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