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Make Your Own Way to Paradise


Many years ago, a group of tourists decided that they’ve never seen a moon more beautiful than the one on their Thailand trip. They loved it enough to throw a party for the full moon. This party has become popularized as the infamous full moon party each month. I like to think of this as a nice metaphor for what travelling to Thailand feels like. One center of gravity can go a long way. The scenery is so majestic and so beautiful, that it makes it easy for you to let go and forget about the baggage you showed up with. It’s nice to be able to follow that feeling, and to have people from all over the world ready to do the same.


Title: The Food Worth Travelling For

Body: It’s not often, in fact this might be the first time, that we write a post that’s wholly inspired by food. The food in Thailand is amazing. Let’s say that again. The food in Thailand is amazing. Have you ever had Thai food before? Your favorite local Thai restaurant perhaps? Multiply the deliciousness by ten thousand and you’ll have native Thai food. Note: that’s a bit of an exaggeration, we don’t mean to bash your favorite spots. We just mean to say that the motherland of Thai food is a good place to go in case you’re into Thai food. Our experience was amazing. It’s delicious, it’s cheap and most of all, it’s exotic.

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