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The Best Place to Rest


Every day between the hours of noon and 5pm, you’re subject to a nice relaxing vacation from whatever you were doing. This is called siesta. Whether you’re at work, school or simply knocking chores off your to-do list, Spain recognizes your need to relax.


This is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.


Kids get to go home from school to eat with a parent. Coworkers get to enjoy each other’s company over a nice meal. The whole country gets on the same page for a large chunk of the day.


This remains the coolest part of the day until the evening comes around. Then the Spanish take to the town. The restaurants and bars are open to serve food and drink into the late hours of the night.


Don’t worry about making your own meals, or buying your own drink, it’s much more common to go outside and meet with people at a neutral location.


Eat everything you can, and drink all the sangria you want. Worst case, you can sleep it off the following day during siesta.

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