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The Southeast’s Well Kept Secret


A little island off the main island of Australia. Tasmania is a spread of incredible mountains and calm waters. People have generally felt that Tasmania has an almost eerie remote atmosphere. However, in more recent years, Tasmania has connected itself to the outer world by more than just apple exports. Many Tasmanians are enormous foodies, and host a full calendar’s list of events for wine, beer, food, art and music. Sign. Us. Up. Get in the car and eat your way across from Tasmania. Leave all your troubles behind.


Title: Make Your Way to Isolation

Body: Tasmania is in a part of the world that’s not too easy to get to for many people. Off the coast of Australia, it’s a hefty flight for anyone that’s travelling from other parts of the world. Kind of like Hawaii, where it’s only really easy to get to if you’re flying from California. And even then, it’s still at least a 5 hour flight. As such, people who go to Tasmania will rave about the feeling of isolation they get there. It’s almost a romantic sting that makes you feel like your preconceived notion of the world is so far away. Every problem or desire you had is left at home. People are able to get to Tasmania with their expectations left somewhere along the way. That’s why people generally feel nostalgic and excited about their trips to Tasmania.

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