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The Trip You’ll Never Forget


We all have an idea of what Egypt is like, but the important thing to remember is that your expectations should be left at home. It’s a land like you’ve never seen before. You wake up in the morning and you make your way towards the pyramids, a wonder of the world, and you wish that you had all day to spend in awe. Wondering how something so perfect has lasted so long. As the weight of history sinks in, you’ll be humbled and wishing you had more time. Egypt is definitely a place that should be on your travel list - you won’t regret it.


Title: Literally Cruising Down the Nile River

Body: You might want to consider looking into this when you book your trip to Egypt. You read it right, you can literally sail your way down the Nile River on a cruise ship. The Nile River! You’ll get to see lots of what Egypt has to offer and you won’t have to leave your seat. In fact, the energy you’ll feel in Egypt is actually attributed to the Nile River by many. You’ll be at the source. The gift of the Nile actually dates back thousands of years. There would be no life where the river doesn’t run. People are less dependant on the river physically today, but the magic still lingers.

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