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The Vacation That Flies by the Fastest

Costa Rica

Two words: Pura Vida. Directly translating to “Pure Life”, this serves as the most common mottos people live by in Costa Rica. Want to build a few houses and rent them out to visitors in the jungle? Go for it. Want to spend a few weeks surfing before you move on to your next adventure. Done. Costa Rica is the perfect place for people to explore their next adventures. It’s small enough to where you can actually see the whole country in a relatively short amount of time, but it’s big enough to where you won’t feel a size constraint. Make your way up to the volcano at the top and enjoy the hot springs. Visit the various national parks around the country and enjoy the monkeys dancing on your balcony. And most of all, just enjoy being you in this tropical slice of paradise.


Title: Pura Vida- What a Wonderful Phrase

Body: A saying that everyone in Costa Rica knows, and fully encapsulates. It ties the culture together in a fun, and out of your face kind of way. The t-shirts, the shot glasses, it’s the perfect red carpet for tourists to walk on during their stay in Costa Rica. We’ve had travellers that haven’t been to Costa Rica in years but still carry this saying with them in their day to day life. Whether it’s the way that they get the work, or the way that they set up their homes. Pura vida resonates through and through. Pura vida strictly translates to pure life. If someone asks you how you’re doing, you can answer with pura vida. If someone asks about your attitude towards something, you can answer with pura vida. We always love when a culture or language has words that don’t translate directly to something we find in english.

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