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Where There’s an Active Volcano- There’s Hot Springs!

Costa Rica

I’m not positive that this is 100% accurate with every volcano, but it definitely is with the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica.


This volcano serves as a major focal point in Costa Rican travel adventures. It’s an absolute must to check off the list if you make it to that part of Latin America. It’s in the northern part of the country, and you can enjoy your whole way up.


Once you get there, you’ll have to look for a few of the natural hot springs. They’re super super fun.


Imagine a national park with rocks and jungle background, which is amazing on it’s own, and add dozens off natural pool sizes jacuzzis.


The water is so hot and relaxing that it will be tough for you to leave.


You won’t need more than an afternoon or evening around one of the hot springs. Everyone knows how much hot water they can actually take.


But just remember, when you find the volcano, you’re right there in paradise.

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